The big migration



The-big-migration So as you may have seen on Twitter my name change finally went through and now my name is Erik RÃ¥lenius Yverling or just Erik R. Yverling.

Due to this name change I had, well let's say I preferred, to update every references to my name on the web. This is how it went:

My web site
So the first thing I did was to buy the yverling.se domain name from my provider Loopia. Then I made yverling and *.yverling.se the A DNS record pointing to my web server. Then I made and my other domains, such as erik.ralenius.se, point to erik.r.yverling.se. This was a no brainer and took only a couple of days. Woohoo!

My Gmail account
The next thing to do was to create a new Gmail account for my new name. Then I had to copy all my existing email in my old Gmail account to my new. As the Gmail web client didn't have any export functionality built in this have to be done using a desktop email client, such as Thunderbird. I created two accounts, one for my new and one for my old e mail accounts and simply dragged my labels (mapped as folders on the Gmail server) to my new Gmail account. This of cource took a while (~5000 emails), but I got them all migrated. Meh!

My email alias
I created an email alias from Loopia pointing to my new Gmail address using the @yverling.se domain. This was no problemo. Woohoo!

Google Maps
The biggest hassle here was to migrate all my starred places (150+). Unfortunately, there were no way export these so I have to add them manually. DOH!

Google Reader and Google Listen
Thanks to the great export to OPML function, migrating all my precious RSS-feeds and Google Listen subscriptions (podcasts) was done in a couple of seconds. Woohoo!

Google Latitude
There were no way to export your Latitude friends, so I had to do it manually. Then there was some kind of export of your Latitude history, but that export was only for one day. Doh!

Google tasks
Also here there were no good way to export your tasks. The only way to do it was to email every single task list (I have around 10 or so) and then cut and paste every single task list and tab separate each task. Doh!

Google docs
By sharing all my owned documents with my new Google Account and then changing the owner to my new account migrating docs could be done without too much hassle. The bad part was that every documents update time changed, which made at least one of my friends kind of grumpy. Meh!

Exporting calenders was easy using the ical format. Woohoo!

As I suspected, Google+ was hard glued to your Google Account which made it impossible to migrate in any good way. So there was a lot of copying and pasting. Doh!

Apparently, there was a time where you could change your Gmail address of your YouTube account. Well, not any more. Subscriptions and favorites had to be added manually. Doh!

This was one of the most annoying thing to find out. To change the main Google Account I actually had to factory reset my phone (!). Why Google? DOH!

I thought that I had to create a new Twitter account if I wanted to use another username, but surprisingly both changing my email address and username was a piece of cake. WOOHOO!

Then there was a bunch of other services where I could change my display name and email address in a fairly easy way. Woohoo!

So the final result of the migration was 6 Woohoo's 6 Doh's and 2 Meh's.
So... if you know an easier way to migrate the things mentioned above, please let me know.

Well, all I have to do now is to change the name on my drivers licence, passport, bank card...