No more creations... here


The website

So I've decided to move my previously hosted creations to the one and only GitHub since it's such a brilliant site.
On that note, I'll not host any more stuff here, but have them all on external services (the cloud, baby).

P.S I've also added some new stuff on GitHub, be sure to check it out.

On track once more


Heroku Rails The website

On-track-once-more After having my HTPC running this website for couple of years it was time for a hardware upgrade. I'd just upgraded my main computer and was faced with two choices: either buy a new set of hardware or scrap the HTPC in favor of just using the main computer. I decided to go with the second choice since I always use the HTPC and my main computer mutually exclusive and then I only had one set of hardware and software to maintain.
One problem was what to to with the website. I could ether move it to my main computer and have it running 24/7 to my wife's big despair) or find some kind of online hosting solution.

After looking at solutions such as Google App Engine (no support for Rails 3 yet) and VPS (expensive) I finally found Heroku.

Heroku is super easy to get started with and offers awesome support for Rails 3. So after a bit of adjustments like porting from the current mySQL database to PostgrSQL I got the website up and running by just typing

$ git push heroku master

I'm back!


Rails The website

I-m-back Well, it has really been a while, but now this dusty old website is back on track with a major upgrade to Rails 3, including thinks like:
  • Ruby 1.9.1
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript
  • Explicit dependency management with Bundler

I have also added some new features such as:
  • Full internationalization support for all strings
  • Creations now show creation dates
  • Creations also lists all creation types in the right margin
  • Admin comments is a bit arker than ordinary comments

As you also may have notice, the site is now all in English.

As a last bonus for you. I have added a new creation called the LoadUI JIRA component. Check it out!